Do it right. Do it once.
Do it the OEWorld way!

Taking the Occupational English Test is costly and can take many months of preparation to finally make the grades. That's why you should do it right and do it once. OEWorld recognizes that and understands that the key to success in the OET lies in one thing: building better English language skills. Our 8-week OET preparation course enables candidates to build language and confidence to boost your chances of passing OET on the first attempt.  As busy working individuals, having the opportunity to access the Study Centre 24/7 to refresh language skills and to Interact with teachers is critical to success. Receive instant feedback on practice assessments in order to hone in on weaknesses prior to the OET and master exam taking techniques. OEWorld teachers prepare candidates not only to excel in the OET exam, but to master this knowledge. 

  • Daily Lessons

    Learn a new skill every day and build on that skill by practicing the new skill. Live classes with your teacher will help you master these skills. Join webinars to learn more, work through all of the supplementary materials at your leisure. Success Is in your hands! Get ready for it!
  • All Inclusive

    Authentic and original materials, real OET practice exams, job readiness modules and interview skills. Access to the OEWorld Masterclass course for a period of 6 months from when you sign up. Get advice and support from your mentors and feel confident and ready to take the OET exam.

    Why enroll in our course?

    Many online OET exam preparation centres offer practice exams that students need to go through by themselves. OEWorld understands that the OET is an exam of English Language Skills and focusses on three main goals:

    1. Upskilling English language skills for now and the future.
    2. Working closely with students to ensure better exam taking techniques.
    3. Employing highly qualified Native English Language teachers to work through the sub-skills.

    OEWorld is unlike any other preparation centre. We understand your busy lifestyle and have structured our course to suit you.  The OET Masterclass is the only course you will need.
    What is in it for me

    Why choose The OET Masterclass?

    The OET English Language Classroom

    The OET is a test of English language and communication skills. The OET Masterclass focusses on OET prepartion hand-in-hand with English upskilling. The OET Masterclass is dedicated to improving language and communication skills through OET practice reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. Exam taking and soft skills are an important part of the OET Masterclass.

    OET Exam Techniques and Preparation

    Our motto is 'Do it right. Do it once'. The OET Masterclass is dedicated entirely to helping students to succeed on their first attempt.  Practice using original OET exam materials and receive feedback on your progress from your Native English language teachers. Your teacher will advise you when to take the OET exam.. Your membership to the OET Asterclass is valid for six months, so do not rush. Take your time and do it once. 

    Cultural Understanding and Work place Training

    The final part of the OEWorld course focusses on life after OET and prepares you to move overseas. Our partners will guide you through this process, helping you to secure a fantastic overseas position. Guest speakers will talk to you about the importance of Culture and Diversity, Workplace Etiquette, Making New Friends and Conflict Resolution. This part of the course happens once you have passed the OET and ensures you are ready to take that leap into your new life and to thrive rather than just survive. 

    Meet your Fantastic and Totally Amazing Teachers

    Sarah Coldwell

    Senior Teacher

    Hello, nice to meet you!

    I am Sarah Coldwelland I am from Melbourne, Australia. I have a Masters degree in Education and have been living in the UAE for the past 14 years, teaching in various Higher Education institutes in Dubai. Before moving to the UAE, I taught English at Deakin University in Melbourne and before that, I was employed by the Minstry of Education in Japan to teach English to High School students in Japan.  I have been working with OET Australia since 2016. In my free time, I enjoy watching sport, especially Australian Rules Football, cricket, motor racing, swimming and making cakes. I am passionate about education and learning and I am super excited to see you all succeed in the OET exam.

    Writing and Speaking Specialist

    Thomas Hanly

    Senior Teacher

    Welcome aboard!

    Tom Hanly is a Masters-educated teacher from Ireland. Thomas brings over 15 years' experience working in both private and public educational institutions throughout the world from the Malaysian Ministry of Education to the UAE Ministry of Education. He has been working as an OET practitioner since 2020. Tom is married to a lovely lady from India, and in his free time, he likes to play football and travel whenever possible. Tom is looking forward to working closely with all OEWorld students to make their dreams a reality.

    Speaking and Culture Specialist

    Julie Serrao

    Senior Teacher

    Hello, nice to meet you!

    My name is Julie Serrao. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada but come from a Portuguese cultural background as my parents and grandparents immigrated from Portugal. I speak English, Portuguese, French and some Spanish. I have been a full time teacher for 15 years in Canada, Portugal, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. In my teaching career, I have taught many English Language Learners, so I truly know the value of learning English and how it will help you succeed.  I enjoy traveling, yoga, kickboxing, and anything that involves being outdoors. I love animals and have a passion for reading and watching foreign movies which help me to understand various cultures. I am looking forward to supporting students to succeed in the OET.
    Reading and Writing Specialist

    Luke Zimmerman

    Pronunciation Specialist

    Welcome aboard!

    I was born in The Netherlands in 1957 and met my Australian wife in Amsterdam in 1983. A year later I migrated to Australia. I have worked as an ESL teacher in Japan, Australia and the United Arab Emirates since the 1980s. I now live in Tasmania, the most beautiful island on earth. My hobbies include writing about the English Language and cooking and eating all sorts of international food. I look forward to working with you on your pronunciation skills. 
    Pronunciation Specialist

    Anna Maria

    Assessment Specialist

    Hello, nice to meet you!

    Anna is our wonderful course designer and assessment specialist from Australia. Anna has lived in Asia, Australia and The Middle East and is currently working at a prestigious Australian University teaching English and Academic Skills. In her free time, Anna likes long walks on the beach, gardening and cooking. 

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