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Why Study Harder? Study Smarter!

Research shows that the average person has a 90 minute span for learning, and after that, no other information can be absorbed. The OEWorld material has been created by Native English Language professionals who understand the best and most effective way to retain information is to study smaller 'chunks' of information with plenty of real-world, practical application. Forget about the preparation centres who offer past-papers as a means of preparing students. Instead, tackle the exam holistically and understand what you are studying. 
The OEWorld learning platform provides the tools needed to start your learning journey. Download authentic audio files to help improve listening skills, watch videos that provide up-to-date OET exam information, reflect on the learning in your diary, build a personalised vocabulary list, practice OET exams and receive personalised feedback from OEWorld mentors.
Studying smarter not harder means having time to understand topics, complete tasks and gain confidence in your English language abilty.
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The Inspiration for OEWorld

OEWorld came about one day while Tom and Sarah were examining at the local OET centre. They realised that the biggest issue candidates had and the reason they were not able to successfully complete the OET exam was the lack of English Language skills.
After much discussion and research, they noticed that most of the exam preparation centres online were simply offering practice OET exams and exam techniques. They were not addressing the candidate's actual issue.
Tom and Sarah decided to change this, hired a professional course designer and onboarded a number of highly skilled Native English Language teachers as OEWorld mentors. the rest as they say is history, and the best online OET exam preparation course in the world- OEWorld- was born!


For any online course to have the desired result, it must be flexible; the course must allow users to complete the learning outcomes in the time they have available. OEWorld offers the flexibility to complete coursework from home or work and at your own pace. Topics and assignments are released in manageable chunks on a daily basis, allowing students the opportunity to learn, understand, practice and remember information and recall it ti mind easily and effortlessly. By not overwhelming our students with too much information all in one go, our students are able to achieve greater levels of success in the OET exam. 

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

OEWorld allows students to monitor their progress in real-time with immediate results and feedback from OEWorld mentors. Keep up with your progress, download your achievement certificates and understand exactly where you are with your study and the probability of your OET success.


OEWorld mentors provide accurate and honest feedback about areas that need improvement. The first week's diagnostic tests assesses your current English Language level, while the assessment in week 5 ensures you are ready to move on to OET preparation. If you are not quite there, your mentor will advise you to head back to the English Language Upskilling for additional practice and consolidation. During weeks 6-11, mentors will give you theuir honest opinion on your likelihood of passing the OET exam based on your progress and assessment. While most of our students head into the OET exam feeling confident and well-prepared, for those who need more time, additional weeks of OET preparation are provided at no extra charge.


OEWorld offers the most up-to-date OET learning materials direct from OET Australia, as well as original, practice exams created by actual teachers and OET professionals. To ensure OET success, study tips, common errors, dos and don'ts for succeeding in the OET exam, as well as real life case studies, model answers and interactive practice sessions are all included in the course. 

Our Vision

OEWorld doesn't aim to be the biggest online preparation provider, but it certainly strives to be the best.  Tom, Sarah and all of the OEWorld mentors believe in honesty, integrity and ethical actions when dealing with students and high-stakes exams like the OET exam. With these values in mind, we pride ourselves on behaving professionally, fairly and ethically at all times. We have an 'open-door' policy, and any comments, suggestions and complaints are dealt with in a timely, professional and impartial manner. Contact us if you want to discuss aparticular part of the course, or need tailor made course advice.

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Sarah, Tom and all of the other hand-picked teachers who make up OEWorld have one thing in common. We all want you to succeed. Because of this, we have taken time to design a course that will enable you to have the best chance of passing the OET exam while building on your existing English Langauge knowledge and skills that you will need in your overseas post. Our NHS partners are excited to meet you and have a number of amazing opportunities for our OEWorld graduates, So, do your best, study hard, be honest with yourself and most importantly, enjoy the course! Much love, Tom, Sarah and all of the OEWorld team.


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